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In order to obtain our service, all we require is that the laboratory call to tell us a blood specimen is scheduled. The blood specimen must be packed as recommended in the Specimen Handling Section and enclose a requisition form. We will then contact a bonded messenger service, which will pick up the sample and deliver it directly from the hospital to our laboratory (*). A specimen may also be packaged and shipped directly to us by Fed Express. Except for tests that require extended periods for analysis, the results will be reported by telephone or fax on the same day the sample was received (hard copies will be mailed every two weeks) and your results will be listed on this web site as a confidential file with a secured individual password for your institution. This should allow you to review the results and request any additional tests you may need without delays.

(*) The hospital may arrange for its own delivery service or we can use our contracted messenger service. When using our messenger service, the pick-up charge is amortized to the number of samples sent during that run and placed on the patient's bill. Therefore, batching samples for a single pick-up will provide cost efficient management.

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